Welcome at Pimmr

Pimmr is a brilliant new concept that is currently in developmental stages!

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This is Pim!

Pim predicts what you like. As a friend, he is always ready for you.
Day and night, access Pimmr on your computer, mobile device or tablet!

Pim wants to get to know you better!

The more you rate your everyday experiences, the better Pim can get to know you!
He will work with your likes, experiences and emotions to become your best friend!
The result: the right prediction, especially for you!

Pim can predict the future!

Your future! But he can predict for groups as well. For example, he can
answer the question "What's up this evening?" He will make plans for
you and your friends. Another instance... Pim can predict the perfect
gift that your (girl)friend will be sure to appreciate.

You're going to love Pim.

Why? Your friendship is the basis for the ease and security when
making your personal choices. Pim will help you discover new things!

Until Pimmr!

Apply now as a test user.
As soon as our test lab is set up, we'll send you an email!

Pim is a social guy!

He likes to share good ideas

Pim makes friends easily and it's important for him to get to know these friends very well! Once Pim gets to know you, he can help you make choices and guide you discovering new things. He is always there for you!

Pim is an accurate predictor

His predictions are based on you

In your personal account, you have the ability to rate a variety of items from 1 to 10. The database uses those ratings and Pim compares your ratings with those of your 'peer group'. So Pim gets to know you and will be able to better supply you with advice. Pim will also make suggestions for you, simply by using your ratings!

Pim loves leisure time

Films, books, TV-series and TV programs


Initially Pim will make predictions and suggestions based on these four categories. Gradually we will keep adding new categories to Pimmr.

Pim loves privacy

That is a priority

You decide what you want to share on your profile and with whom. You can change your settings at anytime and are always in control of your own privacy. Pimmr only uses your information to create predictions. Further information is available in the Privacy Statement.

What is Pimmr?


Pimmr is a system whereby predictions can be made, based upon preferences given by users. The basis consists of ratings given by users on a variety of items, divided in several categories. After comparing all the data, it is possible to make predictions about all sorts of things. If the user would like to purchase an item, based on these predictions, it will become possible for Pim to suggest a third party supplier. The involvement of the user and the extent to which they rate various topics allow the database to grow. And with that, Pimmr's knowledge and possibilities are endless. As Pimmr develops more categories and functionalities will be added. The options are almost unlimited and so are Pimmr's ambitions.

See you at Pimmr?


Pim is currently preparing for his big opportunity. He desperately wants to start as soon as possible, but we are holding him back for now. We are very busy with the development of a comprehensive system. At the end of 2013 we will open up our test lab (secured area) for test users and "Friends of Pimmr" only. Together we'll test basic functionalities and make on-going adjustments. We'll let you know when we are ready to roll out nationwide. After that predictions and sharing will take off!


Are you, or someone you know interested in the exclusive opportunity to test out Pimmr? Would you like to give us feedback and help us to optimize Pimmr? Join us as test user and apply today! As soon as we release our test lab in the coming months, we'll send you an email and you can get acquainted with Pim. We'll ask you to supply us with feedback on a regular basis. In return you can invite four friends to do the same. Testing is done in your own personal profile, which is created the moment you apply.


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Pim puts all news items and updates on Facebook. Become a friend and stay abreast about the latest developments. If you want to ask Pim something, use Facebook or send an email to info@pimmr.com.